Season End Doesn’t Spare Tinsley’s Blushes!

Well all too soon the DCC Summer season has come to an end.

Quite fittingly it was the ODI Tour to Headingly that completed the season as the Crathie game was abandoned due to bad weather. Tails of the Tour as still a little sketchy but a few points must be noted.

The DICVD Trophy for Dollar In Car Van Dining was closely contested with the correct level of tactical voting and skull duggery. Proceedings were started by the eventual champions for 2014 with a taste of the sea accompanied by a glass of Tattinger Champagne, so congratulations to Jason Syme and Ben Henderson for a fantastic effort.

This dish was closely followed by Bucks team, ironically serving a poor man’s version of the first course. Then came Team Gringo with a Spicy Mexican number accompanied by Desperado Beer and Blazing Saddles. Alan Douglas served the second main but I have no idea what that consisted of, obviously memorable.

The final course was purchased on route by Mr Fox and Co. quite a shoddy effort however, their store bought doughnuts did manage to place higher than my Chilli. A bloody disgrace!

Now on to a matter more pressing the final club stats are being compiled but the telling figure is as follows.

DCC played 15 

14 Victories all captained my Adam Buchanan Smith

1 Defeat all captained by Marcus Tinsley!

This should make for an interesting AGM for our new Vice Captain.

More to follow H