Skippers Quip’s

It’s hard to imagine we have now had four indoor nets sessions at the Academy!  Yes the DCC season preparations are well underway, much to the delight of Andrew and Sharon McKnight, our loyal sponsors at the Kings Seat, who have undoubtedly seen their sales in Tennants, BnT and Flaming Hot Monster Munch increase over the past month!  A diet of true athletes I’m sure you’ll agree! 

So far 19 different members of the club have ventured to nets in an effort to rekindle that burning desire to feel leather and willow for a few hours on a Wednesday night or as an excuse to get out of the house on the dark winter evenings!  There’s been a definite improvement in the standard of both bowling and batting over the past month and this bodes well for the season ahead.  Paul ‘Slumpers’ Symington has got straight back into his stride swinging the ball a mile and smashing everyone round the nets, Simon ‘Fox’ Breasley is running in like a man possessed and Jason ‘The Hurter’ Syme is living up to his nickname after just one net session, causing a significant number of DCC members to have large bruises from his hostile bowling!  Maybe he’s spent too much time watching Mitchell Johnson over the winter… 

I’d like to welcome Kyle to the DCC.  Kyle is studying at the academy for the next 2 years on a scholarship and it just so happens he’s a fantastic batsmen to replace Keshae who returned to Barbados after his time at the academy ended.  Also joining us for the season are two gap year students, Daniel and Sidan who are working at the academy, once again a big welcome from all at DCC.

Things are taking shape behind the scenes for the season with Graham Buick finalising the fixture list and Alan Douglas enquiring about the possibility of obtaining DCC club caps and shirts.

Cheers, Skip