The Glasgow’s make their “Mark” at Gargunnock

Well Sunday arrived and we all waited patiently for the text informing us that the game would be cancelled. To nearly everyone’s surprise the text never arrived, so at 11.45am we set off for the beautiful ground at Gargunnock.

Our hosts were very confident that the game could go ahead, as they had not had rain for two hours. Buck walked out to the middle and duly lost the toss, Gargunnock opted to bat.

The reason for the post however, is to highlight a memorable moment in any aspiring cricketers career, being chosen for your first senior cap. The young gentleman in question was Jamie Glasgow aged a mere 12, the son of Sooty. Now a few things spring to mind at this point firstly at least Jamie didn’t have to wait as long as his father to get his first cap ( a cheap shot Sooty but I couldn’t resist ). Secondly how well this young man dealt with the demands of first class cricket.  Not phased by the occasion Jamie took to the field and showed on a number of occasions a good set of hand and a decent arm, he was also tossed the ball for a couple of overs. Both were successful with minimal runs scored and a nice mixture of spin and seam bowling. So at this point I would like to welcome Jamie “Sweep” Glasgow to the senior ranks and he now joins other notable youngsters Darwin “Double D” Douglas and his younger brother Toby “The Wand” Douglas as the future of the DCC.

Now as impressive as “Sweeps” achievements were on Sunday, the day was also memorable as Sooty also made his “Mark”.  Now coming from an illustrious rugby background it was no surprise when the batsman launched one high over the bowlers head, that Sooty ran in from Mid On and with the authority of a charging fullback “Marking” a Gray Owen (you could almost hear the Bill McLaren commentary)  shouted, “Mine!!!!!”. It was however, then with some surprise and just a hint of amusement, to hear the deafening thud as the ball hit the deck. Sooty was unimpressed, however it soon transpired that the drop was due in fact to having to change hand positions mid catch at the last minute!

To add insult to injury later in the same innings Sooty moved in close to pressurise the batsmen. As the ball popped up Cam dove full length to try and take an immensely difficult catch, just to find he was six inches short ( no pun intended ).

After dusting himself off and putting in a splendid bowling display Sooty was requested to umpire for a few overs. Dollar had been set 124 to win and decided to stick with the in form Buck and not so in form Turkish to open the batting. Things were moving on at a nice pace and Turkish was surprisingly finding the middle and looking comfortable out on the wicket.

It was at this point that fate dealt Sooty another disastrous hand and as Turkish strode forward to play a hook he missed the ball and it hit him on the pads. Decision time. Al looked at Sooty, Sooty looked at Al, Sooty thought, Sooty looked back at Al, Al knew he was safe, Al looked back at Sooty, NOOOOO Sooty raised the finger. Turkish was dismissed. Never a nice experience to have to LBW one of your own, as I found out later that day when Turkish raised a digit to dismiss me LBW. (Plum as it happened and off the back pad, no complaints)

Much chuntering and annoyance later that day, saw Turkish and Sooty agreeing to disagree then agree that Al may have been in, all to late for his stats though.

The DCC marched on after that with notable innings from Simon “Fox” and Fraser “Cakes” which eventually saw Dollar win by 4 wickets.

A special mention has to go to the wee scones served at tea and the abundance of nice nibble. Gargunnock we salute you.

Although this match report has been tongue in cheek and not as serious as Fred’s, I would like to dedicate this to the youth in the team as it appears the club could be in good hands going forward.

To the Yung Un’s!

Cheers H