Craig “Craig Smith” Smith also known as “Dropsy”

After another stunning victory against Grange this weekend, I thought it only fitting to pay tribute to a young man in our squad who over the years has battled through for the DCC.

Craig “Craig Smith” Smith had a promising career with the DCC until bowling against Forfarshire (our next fixture ironically) he planted his left leg only to here the sickening “POP” of a cruciate. Gregg Di Mello was quickly on hand to assist Craig and after some A&E Craig made a slow and full recovery.

It was with open arms that the DCC welcomed Craig Smith back at the start of this season and we all wished him the best. Now as you can imagine this type of injury was a sickening blow for Craig and he obviously found refuge with comfort eating and a few beers. It had been noted that he was carrying some excess lumber at the start of the 2013 season. Not uncommon in the DCC squad but at 23!

Big Jason noted however he was still fast as a slippery trouser ferret. So much so that he almost lapped a few boys whilst batting over the last few weeks.

Anyway I’m rambling, back to the point. Craigie took to the field this week with high hopes against Grange, fielding in key positions like point, midwicket and square leg, the whippet was back. Unfortunately it appears Craig “Dropsy” has been to the same fielding coach as Simon “Starjump” Breasley and Fred “Oops” Titmus, so a few mishaps followed. I think we’ll stop before we mention the three dropped catches and numerous fielding errors.

Craig, welcome back and enjoy a quick video of people that suffer from the same ailment as you, “The Dropsy’s” although no one seems to have mastered the kneck drop yet…………