The DCC “Go West” Tour 2015

Thanks to the boys who attended a great summer net last night, good effort.

After said net we retired to the clubhouse for some light refreshment when the subject of a Caribbean Tour reared its head again. Now after much debate and far fetched ideas I have taken on the mantle of making this dream a reality.

Fortuitously whist playing in the Dollar Accies Golf day last week, I sat next to an FP Soumi Sengupta who just happens to be an oral surgeon in the West Indies. Soumi was very buoyant about the DCC touring in the West Indies and as he has a few contacts / clients from the cricketing community (Michael Whispering Death Holding)  he suggested he could be our “Man in the West” to make this happen. With that in mind I would like to ask all DCC supporters, patrons and players to get in touch and suggest various fundraising activity to help the club make the Caribbean come true.

My current thoughts are to hold a fundraiser every quarter and hopefully this time next year we will have put a big enough dent in the travel costs to make this trip a reality. It was noted last night that a long haul trip for the DCC has been muted for years if not tens of years, however, with the new blood and drive the club has found over the last 12 months through new players and patrons I think it can now become a reality.

The other thing i would like to set up with the help of Mr Jason Syme our illustrious treasurer is a direct debit of say £40 a month  (£1.32 a day…) from interested parties which just gradually builds your Tour fund. Opting into this scheme does not commit you to tour but is a good way of hiding a few quid from the missus and building up a wee kitty towards your tour fund. All parties interested in this see me for more info.

So get your thinking caps or fundraising caps on because its going to happen, regardless.

Your rum punch sipping, reefer smoking, rastafarian music loving Harold.