Bats, BBQ and a Haka………….

BBQ, New Bat Delivery and End of an Era!

Last night after practice saw the DCC have their annual fundraising BBQ at the Academy.  Practice went well with 3 nets in operation and most people must have had their Weetabix before the nets as the balls were flying all over the place.  Unfortunately even with an early near miss to Robin the umpire and Buck reinforcing the need to stay alert, Toby Douglas got a whack on the shin from Cammie Glasgow.  After a few mins out and a bag of ice, Toby shrugged off the incident to bowl his off spin to great effect.

The new bats from bat maker ….. arrived and were admired by the lads.  A big thanks to all who donated to the various fundraising events we have had (Christmas Party, Dinner, Dollar Gala etc) and to Harold for organising the manufacture of the bats.  They didn’t get used as they still require knocking in and based on last night’s performances in the nets the edges are going to need some serious work!

The evening also marked the end of an era for Keshae ‘Lorraine’ Bovell as he heads back to Barbados following his scholarship at the Academy.  Keshae has been a great asset to the club and his left arm bowling terrified the Falkland XI in a recent game, showing his talent.

Also leaving us yesterday was Matt ‘The Wizard’ Taylor.  Matt turned up to the winter nets having confessed to never playing cricket before.  From that first net session on he has improved immensely week after week and leaves us as an opening bowler who can generate a massive amount of pace, a great lower order batsmen and a fantastic fielder.  Matt maybe back later in the season for the tour and possibly Crathie but his time at the Academy has come to an end.

Ben ‘No Ball’ Leighton is leaving us for the summer to travel Europe, as most of the gappies do who come over from the Southern Hemisphere, and after a shaky start with the ball against The 40 Club (probably due to his fingers freezing in the typical Scottish spring temperatures) his bowling against Carlton was a joy to watch and bamboozled everyone except himself!  To send the lads off we had a rendition of Waltzing Matilda and Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport followed by the DCC attempting to copy Matt’s Hakka with varying levels of success!  I’m sure there were people filming so some video’s might appear from the evening later!

All 3 lads will be sorely missed at DCC and we wish them all the best for their future!

Sunday see’s us partake in one of the great fixtures of the season at The Grange in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.  For those who are playing it’s an 11:30am meet at the clubhouse.

If anyone fancies a day out at a ground used by Scotland Cricket Team the match starts at 1pm.

We need to bounce back from the defeat to Clackmannanshire in the T20 last week and maintain our winning run in the 40 over matches!