The DCC “Shaked, Rattled and Rolled Over….”

Well the much anticipated T20 against Clackmannan arrived last Wednesday with a slightly overcast evening and light breeze.

Fred Titmus will no doubt file a full match report in due course, however, it has been noted that his excuses for late posts are becoming lame. (“some of have jobs!!”)

To cut a long story short the DCC put Clackmannan into bat and in doing so brought out the opening pair. Tariq “The Birdwatcher” and his colleague “Bump Ball”. True to form the The Birdwatcher put on a masterful display shaking the DCC opening bowlers by playing majestic shots to every part of the ground. His colleague Bump was not quite so fortunate or skilled and popped a low full toss back to Wee Davie who took a good reaction catch.

The DCC waited, the umpire waited and surprisingly the batsmen waited! The DCC were aghast and slightly rattled, could it, should it, would it happen again would Bump Ball walk or require a PUSH. His look suggested a push, the Umpire raised the finger and the batsman stood firm. It was only when the true sportsmanship of Clackmannan shone through that the Square Leg umpire raised his finger ( A Clackmannan Player, respect.) that Bump finally agreed to walk, after again protesting a Bump Ball.

The Birdwatcher took this as a sign to put the hammer down and soon passed fifty on his way to a quite splendid 68, a classy innings applauded by Buck, Jas and Harold. Clackmannan followed this lead and batted deep to a very impressive 202 after twenty overs, helped in part to some fantastic wides by the DCC.

As the DCC approached the task of a serious innings Fox was heard to say, ” we have this in the bag boys with our batting line up!” words which were to haunt us 12 ball later when the DCC were 4-2. Mediocre batting and poor running ( fitness related Mel ) left the DCC looking down the barrel.

Step up Cameron “Sooty” Glasgow, in at six and requiring a BIG Innings  ( “insert your own joke here!” ), however the retired Scotland rugby cap began a quite swashbuckling innings. Batting through the tail till the end and only falling over twice with cramp Sooty almost got us over the line, if Wee Davie Windmill had managed to connect with a tenth of what he swung at we may even have reached the target. A very respectable 48 season high was Sooty’s reward Not Out.

As it was Dollar were Rolled Over for the first time this season and fell 10 runs short. A disappointing night but the season continues with a match against Grange on Sunday, the DCC wounded will be out in force to reclaim our winning ways.