Comrie (A) Match Report

Comrie Cricket Club vs Dollar Cricket Club

Date: 19/06/22 | Location: Comrie | Overs: 35 | Conditions: Warm and Cloudy

On Sunday we once again ventured through the Perthshire countryside and squared off against our good old friends Comrie. Captain Cunningham was absent for day as he was representing DCC in the Rector’s XI at Dollar, so Cameron Glasgow dropped the vice and assumed command. Given a few late arrivals, it was decided that we would have a bat. 

Adam Buchanan-Smith and Simon Breasley were given first swing of the willow, and both men took full use of the 35 overs at their disposal as they got the innings off to a quiet, yet assured start. Just as both men started to find the middle, the first wicket stand was broken as Buchanan-Smith found only a tickle after he flashed at one from the skilful Beale and keeper Reid took a fine low catch to his right, out for 7. Score, 10/1 after 7. 

After piling up the runs last season, and going unbeaten in the process, Craig Smith entered at 3 and took little time to find the rope as he clubbed one over mid-on for 4 and started to push the run-rate up. At the other end Breasley was struggling to beat the fielders and his innings would come to an end as he was trapped on the pads by Hassan to one that looked like it was flirting with missing leg, but up went the finger… 2 reds and a yellow on the hypothetical DRS, out for 3. 

Bruce Harper was next to arrive at the crease and quickly got off the mark as he flicked a 4 down past backwards of square. Just as Harper began finding the time, he misjudged a floated full-toss from Beale that clipped his back leg, and despite only a soft appeal, the umpire sent him on his way for 6. Score now, 26/3 in the 11th over. An innings that was spluttering out of the gates and struggling to get out of 2nd gear. 

Harper Snr to Harper Jnr

The stand in skipper was next in and was tasked with righting processings. By this stage Smith began exhibiting his class and took it to the senior bowler as he smashed him skywards over mid-on for 6. Glasgow joined the charge from the other end and the score raced past 50. They put the attack under constant pressure, and the jitters started to spread around the field. The 50 partnership was brought up as Smith sent another clear of the rope. With Smith going airborne, Glasgow saved some of the groundsman diesel as he zipped the ball all over the grass for a series of 4s. The DCC engine was starting to purr. 

Smith would bring up his 50 with a fine square cut through the cover-point region. The increased aggression after the drinks break started to offer some half-chances, but both men kept hitting the stones out of the cherry and the ball evaded the fielders’ backtracking towards the boundary. A quick 2 brought up the 100 partnership, and soon after Smith would end the partnership on his terms as the Brunette Bairstow walked off unbeaten for a phenomenal 74. Our opponents would finally get the scalp of Glasgow who was unable to reach 50 and was clean bowled by Dowse’s swing for a good captains’ knock of 35. Score, 130/4 after 23.

Jack Smart entered, and was joined in the middle by Charlie Dunn. Sadly the pair of old friends failed to get a partnership going as Dunn returned to the clubhouse all to soon as he tried to cut Robertson to third-man, but only found a tickle of an inside edge and chopped on, out for 1. Dillion entered and he too departed without drawing too much attention from the scorer as he was tightly stumped off McNeil’s delivery for 1.

Nichol Wheatley was in at 9 and our resident artist kept himself safely in the background and allowed Smart to occupy the foreground. Smart started to punish the slow right-armer as he sent one flying straight into the long grass beyond the straight-hit boundary. There was a slight lull in the scoring, and as the pressure started to rear its head as Wheatley top edged one from McNeil and our very own Harris Harper, who was an honorary Perthshireman for the afternoon – after subbing in for the injured Reid – scampered round from extra-cover and took a fine catch, Wheatley gone for 3. Score, 166/7 after 30.

Callum Kirby, who was returning from a shoulder injury, entered and quickly began taking any runs on offer. By this stage Smart had initiated one-day mode and often turned the fielders into farmers as they scythed down the thick grass in a hunt for the ball beyond the boundary. Kirby followed Smart’s lead and looked set to see out the innings. Given the skill of the bats, the openers were brought back on and Kirby would be bowled for a well played 9. 

Gregg Dunsire was the last man in and there was no need for Smart to hog the strike as Dunsire got bat on ball with ease. Smart strung together a few powerful late 4s and a maximum, while Dunsire found the gaps and took the singles on offer. Smart zipped the final ball for 4 and brought the innings to a close. Dunsire unbeaten on 4, and Smart was left agonisingly close to what would have been a throughly deserved half-century as he finished on a brilliant 49 not out.

Top Scorers

Smith, 74* | Smart, 49* | Glasgow, 35

DCC: 204 for 8 from 35 overs 

A sociable tea was taken and our hosts provided us with a plentiful spread of homemade sandwiches, cakes, and a host of other delights. 

Dollar Innings

Glasgow would give Dunn first crack with the ball, and he was supported from the other end by Dillion. Dunn initially struggled to get his striding right and flirted too tightly with the popping crease and was called for 4 no-balls in the first over – ouch! The search for the first wicket would however not turn into a saga as in the 4th over Dillion brilliantly found D. Dowse’s outside edge and the ball traveled to the safe hands of Kirby who took a fine shoulder height catch at 3rd slip. Score, 6/1 after 4.

Dunn found his feet and as both men got into their spells they were constantly posing difficult questions to the batsmen. Dillion had his sights locked on a troublesome length perilously outside off and had an easy catch dropped at 2nd slip, as well as a few that zipped right through the cordon. Dunn was now finding great carry and bounce as only a piece of paper separated the ball from the bats outside edge, and started to string together maidens. Last seasons leading wicket taker mixed up his length and had a string of leg-before appeals, some out of desperation, and some that peaked the excitement all around the stumps – all to no avail… no reviews left. Defence was the only option and the bats were starving for runs. 

Dunn would finally get his reward in his penultimate over has he sent a brilliant trademark yorker to Delaney that split middle and off. In the next over Dillion doubled up his tally as he thudded one into Perry’s off stump and sent the bails flying. The 1-2 punch finished off their extremely frugal spells, and firmly put DCC in the driving seat. Score, 15 for 3 after 14.

Craig Smith replaced Dunn, and got the protractor out as he put A. Dowse’s leg stump at a 45° angle with the 4th ball of his fizzing one and only over. Bruce Harper replaced Dillion and forced a few early, albeit tough, chances out of the bats, but unfortunately nothing would stick. Dunsire assumed the duties from Smith’s end, and after taking a few overs to find his line and length he started to read the bats their last rights. Samgeter would be the first to fall into his deadly trap as he looked to send him all the way over the rope, but the safe hands of Smart was waiting at the corner reserved for cows. The wait for his second was only seconds later as he bamboozled McNeil who popped one up and the Walnut Whip leapt forward through the afternoon sky to take a peach of a caught and bowled. Score, 47/6 after 20. One way traffic. 

Harper, the younger, entered and took guard against Harper Snr. The 12 year old must have been leaving his room in a tip as Harper the elder, sent down some early chin music, but the youngster kept his eye on the ball and was unmoved by his fathers’ ruthless bowling and got the strike rotating. Unfortunately he, like many before him, fell foul to Dunsire’s relentless accuracy and failed to defend his off stump. Dunsire would round off his killer spell as he went straight through Perry’s defence. Score, 52/8 after 23.

The final change was made as Buchanan-Smith replaced Harper, and Wheatley took over from Dunsire. Buchanan-Smith found some confusing bounce, all while Wheatley drew the ball into a fine fuller length. Buchanan-Smith scattered the field as Hassan looked to take flight, but he ballooned one skywards and Dillion took a comfortable catch. Wheatley would apply the finishing touches as he de-framed Beale’s stumps and brought an end to a faultless display in the field. 

Comrie Innings

Best figures:

Dunsire, 4 for 14, from 4 | Dillion, 2 for 9, from 7 | Dunn, 1 for 6, from 7

COMRIE: 70 all out from 30.2 overs.


Man of the Match: Gregg Dunsire

Our strike bowler more than lived up to his nickname as he posed unanswerable questions all spell long. His late runs and tireless effort in the field only added to his case. Special mentions of course goes to Craig Smith and Jack Smart.

Dunsire had this to say, “Always enjoy a trip to Comrie.” Almost more wickets than words.

We give thanks to our friends from Comrie, and we all relish the trip to their fantastic ground. A special mention also goes to their scorer Kenny Howat, who missed no details, very kindly copied the bowling effort into our book, and gave us a few laughs with his descriptions of our bowlers… bald, bald top, old, helmet, to name but a few. We look forward to welcoming them back to Dollar on the 31st of July. Thanks also goes to Anna Glasgow and Harris Harper for assuming the role of Official Club Photographers.

Season Record: Played 6 | Won 5 | Lost 1

(4 game winning run)

We are back in action on Sunday in Dollar as we welcome a touring party from Goa, India. So if you happen to be at a loose end on Sunday make sure you pop down to the playing fields and give the tourists a proper Dollar welcome. 1pm Start. All Welcome.