Dollar Academy (A) Match Report

Dollar Academy 1st XI vs Dollar Cricket Club

Date: 01/06/22 | Location: Dollar, funnily enough | Weather: Mixed | Overs: 25

On Wednesday 1st May 2022 we wrote another great chapter in the inter-Dollar rivalry as we took on the school in a quest for cricketing supremacy in FK14. As we arrived for the early afternoon start the lurking clouds began to drift along the Ochils and rain would play a part of early proceedings. It was agreed that the more experienced Dollar CC side would have a bat.

Captain Sandy Cunningham reverted back to opening and was joined by the eternally inform Calum Weir. Both men took their time to play themselves in and had to operate with care as the opening quicks, Milling-Smith and especially Daniels, possessed a great amount of talent. Some quick running between the sticks helped relieve any early nerves and after Weir played a sweet off-drive 4 straight out of the ECB coaching manual the openers got the bit between their teeth. Conditions worsening.

The spinner, Gallagher, was put on and Cunningham immediately began taking it to the young DA bowler. Cunningham quickly found a gap towards cow-corner and moved in on his avenue of attack. At the other end Weir played the steadier role which allowed the skipper to maintain his aggression. The partnership was racing towards 50.

By this stage Weir started to get a regular look at the umpires flowing arm, all while Cunningham continued to sweep, pull, and drive his way to big score.

Unfortunately as Cunningham began to send the ball airborne, he got underneath one from Gallagher and the ball shed its wings just before the paint and was caught at deep mid wicket for a well played 35, a good captains knock. A brilliant opening stand of 62 put to an end. 

Chris Humphries, who was finally ending his DCC sabbatical (his last appearance was against Charlton all the way back in 2014) was in at 3 and began embarking on adding another big stand. Weir zipped the ball past the men scattered around the outfield, while Humphries showed composure as he was reacquainted with batting at the crease. 

There was a slight moment of confusion as due to time constraints it was decided that the match was to lose a limb and 5 overs were cut off from both innings. 25 overs were agreed instead of 30.

This changed the batsmen’s approach. In a matter of seconds Humphries started winding up his willow and initiated overdrive as he sent the ball flying straight over the boundary towards Mlyne Av. Just as the total was approaching 100 Weir slightly mistimed one that was met by a skilful catch from the fielder, out for a well played  31. Score at 92/2.

Bruce Harper was in 4, and after a couple of blocks he added another 4 runs to the score. Humphries continued the charge at the other end, but after an hour or so of drizzle the outfield became saturated and balls that were headed for the boundary began to get bogged down. With little bothering the pair and after Harper whacked a one-bounce-4, the school brought back on Daniels, and it paid instant dividends. With the conditions suiting his swing, the youngster got one to sneak past Humphries bat and his comeback innings was over for a quick fire 26. Score, 118 for 3.

The clouds parted, the sun appeared, and Rob Passe emerged (see this as an apology for forgetting your catch against Kinross) and quickly got off strike through a bye, but this sent Harper into Daniels’ fire and he was bowled in near identical fashion to Humphries and walked off for 8. Charlie Dunn was in at 6 and survived a first ball scare as the ball cannoned into his pads. Passee unfortunately was then flummoxed by a fuller one from Turlik and was sent back without scoring, ‘quacking day.’ Tom Hall was in next and was tasked with stopping this collapse. He quickly got off the mark, and so did Dunn, but that would be it for Dunn as he became Daniels next victim and was clean bowled for 1, score 121/6

With the balls running out, Alan Douglas, fresh off his great (37) knock against Kinross, looked to add some valuable late runs. Douglas and Hall began taking the ones and twos on offer, but just as Hall looked set to start swinging he too fell to Daniels, out for 3. Breasley was in next and with only a couple of balls left he managed to get off the mark, but no further damage would be done. Douglas 4 not out, Breasley 1 not out.

Dollar Cricket Club 130 for 7 from 25 overs

Cunningham, 35 | Weir, 31 | Humphries, 26

Tea was taken and we were very appreciative of the packed lunches provided by the Academy. 

Also during the tea break, the Dollar Academy Rector, Ian Munro, was in attendance; and in his role as Honorary DCC President was presented with his baggy cap by DCC Chairman Mike Donaldson. DCC as a club are in a very fortunate position and are always happy to support the up-and-coming Dollar Academy cricketers (some of whom are very promising) through games such as this. 

Mike Donaldson (DCC Chair) and Ian Munro (Dollar Academy Rector)

By this stage the clouds started to dissipate and a the sun began shining through. Weir was handed the cherry from the Ochil Hill End, and was supported by Humphries from Mylne Avenue. Both men took little time in getting the batsmen’s heart rates up and started firing them down perilously outside-off. A couple of half hearted appeals came spurting out from around the stumps, but the umpires were unmoved. 

Turlik and Gallagher began finding their eyes, but both bowlers kept them guessing, especially Humphries who was bringing the heat and then keeping them on their toes with his occasional slower one. The first breakthrough came in the 6th over as Humphries zipped one down and Turlik could not get a hold of it and it was consumed by the crafty hands of Hall. Another couple of chances went through, but the 2nd wicket stand remained intact and after the openers spells the score was at 33/1 from 9. 

Dunn was brought on for Weir and found instant success as he sent down a first ball loosener that failed to get much bounce forcing Saunders to chase a low one but he only found a top edge and Cunningham raced from behind the sticks to take a superb diving catch in the area of silly point. Breasley took over from Mlyne Avenue and after a taking an over to find his line he began to put the pressure back on the bats with some frugal bowling. 

Dunn would double up his tally in his second over as he removed the dangerous Gallagher with a fine fuller one that hopped up from the grass and plugged straight into middle and off. Gallagher gone for 24. The next Batswomen in was Cecily Douglas and she took little time in passing her old man’s score as she confidently sent any early questions asked of her into the leg side. Breasley and Dunn kept toiling but the bats were giving little in terms of chances. At the halfway stage the Academy had their score exactly where it needed to be, 69/3. A moment of magic was looking like it was required if we were to get back on top in the encounter. 

Hall answered the call. Allen looked to flashed one through the covers off Dunn, but our Head of Maintenance maintained his composure to stop and then cast the ball back to Cunningham who in one swift sweep plucked the ball from the air and removed the bails just before Douglas could make her ground. Our first run out in 3 years. Harper replaced Dunn and although he was hit for 4 from his first ball, he got instant revenge as the in form Allen could not keep the ball out of the air and Hall was back in the headlines again as he took the catch. Score, 83/5. 

The school kept ramping up the pressure levels, nudged themselves ahead of the required rate and started to get the odds in their favour. Harper clearly relished this as in his second over he forced a chance out of Sillock and Weir was waiting in the perfect spot to take the catch at cover. A single off the next ball put the left-hander on strike and he flashed at one that barely got off the ground, but Weir dived in front of its path to stop the balls flow and held on to a brilliant catch. Great field positioning from the captain. 94/7 with 7 overs to play. Back on top.

Breasley would continue to shift the tie back in our favours as Head Boy Milling Smith looked to smash him to cow, farmer Dunn lost the track of the ball as he scampered in but managed to take the ball as if he was under a Gary Owen, unorthodox, but successful. Weir was then sent back on down the hills and with his penultimate delivery he put it on a good to full length and Salvank was left powerless as Weir turned middle stump into a model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa 

Victory was now firmly insight and the wait was not a long one as Harper completed his superb spell with his best of the day as he sent Daniels’ bails flying and confirmed a hard fought DCC victory. Special mentions go to Gregg Dunsire and Pete Matthews who saved valuable runs all afternoon long. 

Dollar Academy 103 all out from 23.1 overs

Harper: 4 for 15 off 5 | Dunn: 2 for 26 off 4 


Man of the Match: Tom Hall 

There were many candidates, namely Cunningham, Weir, Humphries, and Harper, but Hall’s moments of magic during his perfect performance in the field provided us with the momentum to pick up the win.

Season Record

Played 5 | Won 4 | Lost 1

3 game winning run

We give thanks as always to our opponents and we always look forward to this local derby. Unfortunately there will be no rematch in 2022, as on the day we were meant to square off again them they are in cup match action. We wish them luck and hope they can bring some silverware back to Dollar. 

We are back in action next Wednesday against our friends, the McGlynn Brothers. There have been rumours of a barbecue so if you’re stuck for some Wednesday evening entertainment come on down and enjoy some high quality cricket.