Ibiza Tour Report 2018

In September 2018 DCC toured to Ibiza to play two matches against Ibiza CC. The following are match reports written by Ibiza CC and reproduced here. From the DCC point of view it was a fantastic tour, with great hosts, some proper cricket and the odd swim in the sea. We’ll definitely tour there again. Finally, well done to the three photo-bombers at the back 😉 Turkish.

Friday Evening 20/20

Ibiza batted first and struggled throughout in the shorter format against accurate bowling and tight fielding from the visitors. In fact, only Tim Stacey (18), Jim Harvey (16) and Shahid Hannan (23) reached double figures and Ibiza regularly lost wickets too. They finally managed a below par 122/9 off 20 overs. Of the visitors’ bowlers, Jason Syme (2/22), George Buchanan-Smith (2/22) and Adam Buchanan-Smith (2/32) stood out, while Tim Dillon, Marcus Tinsley and Simon Breasley also contributed. Dollar then batted and appeared to be in trouble at 26/3, but all rounder Cameron Glasgow (70 not out) had other ideas and combined well with Marcus Tinsley (22), both also taking advantage of several missed catches from Ibiza. Their 99 run stand allowed the visitors to reach 125/4 and win by 6 wickets in the 19th over.

Ibiza bowler Paddy Slater did well for 2/18, supported by J. Harvey and J. Parmenter, but the dropped catches proved very costly for the hosts.

Saturday (25 overs)

Ibiza batted first again, and openers Sam Gooda (32) and Andy Holmes (15) began well, supported by Paddy Slater (15). Then Saffer Brandon Reid (100*) came in and proceeded to score a stunning unbeaten century in only his second game for Ibiza! He was artnered by Paul Partridge (19 *), and this allowed Ibiza to score an imposing 200/3 in their 25 overs. Bowler Jason Syme impressed again with 2/19, supported by George Buchanan-Smith, but the other bowlers conceded runs.

Dollar then batted and lost their chairman Adam Buck Smith first ball! Ibiza maintained their pressure with a much better fielding display and wickets continued to fall, despite resistance from Marcus Tinsley (24), Cameron Glasgow (31) again!, Simon Breasley (15) and Jason Syme (14). The visitors batted out their overs, but finished well short on 118/9,

Ibiza running out winners by 82 runs. Of the Ibiza bowlers, P.Cruttwell (2/11) and M.

Amos (2/4) stood out, supported by J. Parmenter (2/28), B. Reid and R. Parmenter. This was the first visit to Ibiza by this very sociable Scottish club founded in 1866, with some of their members resplendent in their multi coloured kilts!

So many thanks to their chairman Adam Buchanan-Smith, and organiser Alan Douglas for making the trip happen, and we look forward to seeing them back soon! RPHood