Dollar Carnival of Cricket

It was a scorching Dollar Gala Saturday and the DCC were in full fundraiser mode, yet again.

Alan “Turkish” Douglas and Fox set off early to collect hay bays for the one stump challenge, whilst Taliban and Harold erected a marquee and giant dartboard for Alan “Thieving Gypsy” Douglas to use in the DCC dart off.

1.00pm came around all to soon but the DCC were ready. Harold had set up a Sailor Jerry Rum Bar in the back of the van to refresh the troops and “Gypsy” had his darts sharpened! Excitement and motivation were high!

As the day progressed however, it was clear that the site given to the DCC this year was the problem. We had no passing trade and were as popular as a Bacon Butty vendor at a Bar Mitzvah. Hard work ensued and “Gypsy had to use all his guile and cunning to fleece the passing public, even resorting to posting a $20 Euro bill on the board to entice customers.

By four o’clock we were done and the clubhouse called. Special thanks on the day go to Fox and Deadly Dunsire who both put in shifts on darts and the one stump challenge.

Final totals showed a profit of £200 to go towards our new bats for the 2013 season, “Gypsy” has vowed to return in 2014 and was even overheard planning a grander offering at nets last night!!!

To be continued………….