Meet the Squad

There are far too many DCC past and present players to mention here – and we’d have to have a collective memory akin to a herd of Elephants to get them all down on paper – so we simply do our best to list whomever we can remember. Updated from time-to-time.

Adam “Buck” Buchanan-Smith
Alan “Turkish” Douglas
Andrew “Landlord” McKnight
Ben “Beano” Henderson
Bruce “Ralph” Harper
Bruce “IP” Torrance
Cameron “Sooty” Glasgow
Charlie “Crooked” Dunn
Colin “Merciless” Melville
Craig “Craig Smith” Smith
Darwin “Double D” Douglas
Dave “The Calm” Taylor
Fraser “Cakes” Christie
George “Gorgeous” Buchanan-Smith
Greg “Warnie” de Mello
Gregg “Delmonte-Walnut” Dunsire
Iain “Burns” Morrison
Iain “Maverick” Torrance
Jaffa “The Reverend”
Jamie “Sweep” Glasgow
Jason “Hurter” Syme
John “Taff” Burns
JP “Pork Chop” Ward
Marcus “Skip” Tinsley
Mike “Tractor” Donaldson
Nichol “Van Gone” Wheatly
Paul “On the whitewash” Arnold
Paul “Slumpers” Symington
Paul “JC” Fensom
Peter “PK” Kirkwood
Remco “Spliffer” Prett
Rob “Pickaxe” Burnside
Rob “Saffa” Passee
Robin “How much” Murray
Sandy “Gazza” Cunningham
Simon “Foxxx” Breasley
Stuart “Spoff” McMillan
Tim “IMOM” Dillon
Tim “Mary Berry” Torrance
Toby “The Wand” Douglas
Tom “Taliban” Hall

Apologies to anyone not mentioned – message us and it will be surely rectified…eventually!