Indoor League Champions Again!

Yes!  We did it!  In what was to be a very competitive game with Stenhousemuir we managed to take the win!  Stenny bowled really well and with us losing 3 wickets in our last over we managed to post a total of 44 from our 10 overs.  Some tight bowling and a brilliant power over from Mel (who only conceded 6 runs from it) meant Stenny needed 18 to win from the last over.  Now in indoor cricket that’s perfectly do-able (basically a run a ball) so the pressure was on!  I tried my best to throw it away throwing my first 2 balls wide but then 2 quick wickets sealed the victory, and the league for the DCC!

League table

We then had a friendly with Stirling Uni which again was a close game and we managed to take victory in this game by 3 runs!

So that’s it, league champions once again and the only team in the winter league to be unbeaten in all league and friendly games!

Next up is the annual fundraiser on Sunday 6th December where such DCC favourites as Jason Forsyth’s ‘Play Your Cards Wrong’ and the rum toss will be complimented by a new game devised by Fantastic Mr Foxxx. Please attend and also invite all friends, wives, girlfriends etc to attend as this is a great way for us to raise the bank balance in order to buy new kit and pay for us to enter into the indoor cricket leagues.