Captain vs Vice Capt vs Chairman vs Sausage Fingers……

Another great DCC Sunday was had yesterday with too many memorable moments.

The squad mustered at 1.00pm at the games hall ready for a round robin 6’s tournament. The format was straight forward, three teams of 6 playing a 12 over game.

Marcus, Buck and Fox were nominated captains and pick fairly robust squads, with Fox going for inexperience and youth as the cornerstone of his team!!

In the first match Marcus managed his team well and racked up 128 runs from 12 overs. In reply Fox sent out his squad and batted valiantly to around 50 runs. One nil Marcus.

In match two Buck took to the pitch and put Fox into bat, after a spirited performance with the bat we scored 46. Buck sent out his squad and they duly crumbled to the bowling might of Foxes team. With 4 runs required Buck cut an Andrew “The Landlord” delivery through the open door of the games hall onto the outdoor pitches, Thinking this was an easy run they took off, however, Toby “The Wand” Douglas launched himself through the opening and in a deft movement directed a direct hit at the stumps from outside the building. Victory to Fox.

The final game was a bit boring Buck vs Marcus, everyone rooting for Buck as this would ensure the scores were tied at 1 point all. Buck obliged and one the game with overs in hand. A bowl off ensued.

Each player from each team had one bowl. With the bowling might of the DCC we expected the scores to be tight. Bucks team missed with all 6 attempts, Marcus had Turkish on form and scored 1 direct hit and the mighty Fox waited till the death to unleash Harlod “The Postman” McMillan who duly delivered!

That meant Fox and Marcus had a sudden death bowl off, Turkish ran up and beamed a direct hit to off stump, that brought the postman back and yet again he delivered. 1 all. A fortunate turn of events then saw Marcus and his over strength team win when the scored another direct hit. A fantastic days cricket and a fitting finale.

Off to the clubhouse where “The Landlord” had laid on a spectacular Sunday Roast along with his signature salty mash! Several rounds later the evenings entertainment began with rounds of sausage fingers and drink while you think. It would be true to say Monday morning came around all to soon for some…….

Cheers H